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I'm Elisabeth. I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Seattle, WA. I've worked on both the client services and agency side for client engagements including athletic brands, multinational retail corporations, fashion accessories, and major mobile carriers. I have played a variety of roles including product designer and art director. Across these engagements, I've worked both independently as the lead designer as well as with large design teams to cross collaborate with other capabilities.

With experience in print, branding, advertising, and digital design, my work is heavily influenced by positive user experiences and attention to detail. In addition to thoughtful and purposeful designs, I love new Micron pens and any form of pasta.

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My Process


Define & understand the goal. Once established, gather and document use cases, personas and user stories as the starting points for collaborative design-thinking workshops.


Organize information attained from brainstorming, ideation and workshop sessions into a cohesive product flow, user journey, and eventually wireframes.


Through visual exploration, bring the sketches and wireframes to life with a polished and refined design system.


Collaborate with the team to bring designs to life and launch the product. Communicate with a cross-functional team to develop and create the most successful user experience.

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